Top destination you can’t miss in Sapa

If you have a first trip to Sapa in Vietnam, don’t worry about missing famous places. Sapa is well-known with picturesque mountain landscapes as well diversity cultures of other ethnic tribes like: the Hmong, Red Dzao or Phu La groups.

This article will share top destination you should visit in Sapa. All mission is reading it carefully and travel to Sapa.

1/ Fansipan- the highest mountain in Vietnam

When referring to Sapa, we can’t miss Fansipan. The truth that Fansipan becomes an unique symbol of Sapa. It is called a name “Roof of Indochina’. With an elevation of 3,143m, Fansipan is the highest mountain among 3 neighbor countries: Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

If you are ready for a challenge, you can choose trekking to climb to Fansipan. It takes one day or 3 days to climb to the top of mountain. It depends your schedule and physically fit. You should offer a local guide or register for trekking with a professional team to assure about safe and correct instruction.

If you don’t have many times, you can choose using cable car service of Sunworld Fansipan Legend. It takes 2 hours for total travel. From view of sling, you can enjoy total breathtaking landscapes of high mountains. Tickets are about $41 for adult and $30 for children.

2/ Visiting rice terraces of Muong Hoa Valley

If you visit Sapa from May to July, it’s a good opportunity to see the magnificent beauty of rice terraced paddy fields in Muong Hoa Valley.

Highland terraced are located between two towering mountain. It is a symbol of the livelihood in the Sapa. Coming here, you can improve more knowledge about rice cultivation of hill tribes like Hmong, Dao. It is the lifestyle to be preserved for this generations to the next generations. Sure that it is memorable experience.

3/ Visiting Silver Waterfall and Love Waterfall

Silver seems the upstream of Muong Hoa Stream with 200m height. Water cascading down has white as silver so it is called silver waterfall. To see total flow down view of silver waterfall, you have to climb tone steps up to 30 meters. Around silver waterfall, it is pine forests and chayote gardens on the hillside so it adds more dramatic backdrop for mountain beauty. You need to pay $1 for entrance ticket to visit this waterfall.

It’s not far Sliver Waterfall, it is Love Water. If you go with your girl or boy friend, this place is a good destination for your love. There is a legend lobe story behind the Love Waterfall. It proves for forever and faithful love. So it is a symbolism of beautiful love. Only with 4$ for entrance ticket, you can visit this beauty of the lustrous streams.

4/ Visiting Sapa Church

Sapa Church is located in center of town so it’s convenient to walk and enjoy this area around the church.

It was built in 1895 by the French and made from totally stones. It looks ancient and historical. It becomes more beautiful and romantic when it is covered by mist or snow. Many brides and grooms have wedding picture at Sapa Church.

5/ Going to Sapa Market

Sapa market is not only a center for goods exchanging among ethnic minorities, also shows traditional culture in business of ancient Vietnamese.

There are thousands of hand-made products of ethnic minorities on display like: pharmaceutical, forestry or brocade clothing. You should buy something as meaningful souvenir.

Don’t miss local specialty like “Thang Co”, pork barbecue or corn wine. Their taste seems delicious and interesting.

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