Hanoi which is the capital of Vietnam has some unique things to do at night. Actually, Hanoi becomes an interesting complex to attract tourist all over the world, even other cities in Southeast Asia.

One of things making Hanoi special and memorable with all tourist is the differences in lifestyle and landscape between various districts. Here is top the best nightlife to recommend you when you visit Hanoi. Let it go and sure that you get full of valuable experience in traveling to Hanoi.

Ta Hien- The best beer street in Hanoi

Located in the center of the Old Quarter, it is an absolute classic nighttime destination for both the local and tourist, especially the summer. Although its length has only 266m, this street is crowded with so many people.

Going a must – visit place as Ta Hien Junction, you could eat some snacks, drink some beer, and chat with friends. Let it describe that there are many plastic stools to spread out the streets. It’s a kind of street style in Vietnamese culture.

Here is recommended price for each kind of beer.

Fresh beer: 5000 VND

Saigon Beer: 20000 VND

Hanoi Beer: 20000 VND

Hanoi night market- a unique “Hanoi by night” experience for your trip

In Hanoi there are many night markets such as Dong Xuan market, Flower Quang Ba market. They bring beauty of culture and the local there.

Dong Xuan market is located in Hang Dao street, one of the main street in the Old Quarter. It usually opens every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings with the crowded. You can buy everything at there like clothes, souvenirs or traditional decorations and especially eat Vietnamese deliciously street food. There are many small street shops along the roadside with the reasonable price. You have a great night meal.

The Quang Ba Flower Market opens early night until 2am. It is commercial market to supply the freshest flowers to the floral shops and vendors in Hanoi.

Bar or club- an entertainment complex for the young

Hanoi is also famous for luxurious bar or club. Can check list some outstanding like: The Bank Hanoi, Hanoi Press Club, Legend Beer or Dragonfly Bar lounge.

Almost these bar are busy at every night of the week. It attracts the well-dressed crowd of locals and tourists with various music like hip-hop, top 40 hits, rock or dancing. Well noted that the drink is a little expensive.

Sunset Bar at InterContinental Hanoi West Lakes

If you afford money, you can enjoy a peacefully quiet far from the Hanoi’s crowds. It is located in InterContinental Hanoi West Lakes. It is really luxurious when you order a cool cocktail and relax on the comfortable daybeds.

This bar is also popular with cocktails and premium wines.

Opening Hours: 4:30 pm -12 pm

Location: 18.00 – 19.00 and 22.00 – 23.30 every day

Water Puppet Theatre- the classic taste of Hanoi nightlife

It is the best way to discover Vietnamese traditional culture in nightlife as water puppet theatre.

You can watch a meaningful story about these puppets. Almost artist illustrates traditional folklore stories or many ancient myths.

If you want to discover this traditional art, you should book tickets in advance, particularly on weekends to avoid out of ticket.

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