Top 5 Amazing Night Markets In Vietnam You Have To Visit

When you travel to Vietnam, you should visit night markets. It is a unique feature of Vietnamese culture. It is a little busy and noisy with bustling gathering of roadside stalls and local food vendors. The crowd of vendors, shoppers, locals and tourists enjoy together in the infectious energy from the night markets. Assure that it’s a memorial story in your trip to Vietnam.

Any place in Vietnam, you can be easy to find a famous night market. Here is top 5 amazing night markets which we are carefully collecting as useful suggestions.

1/ Old Quarter Night Market

Located in the center of Hanoi capital, almost people are interesting in discovering the Old Quarter Night Market in Hanoi tour.

It opens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6p.m. up to 11p.m weekly, along with Hang Dao Street to Dong Xuan Market. It is also called Walking Street because these streets are blocked off to motor traffic. So people are free to walk and buy anything without caring about complying with traffic regulation.

Along two sides of street, there are two lines of tents which are made up of vendors for selling food, bag, clothe, handicraft to traditional souvenirs. It’s various range of item to meet your shopping demand.

Particularly, on some special nights, you have chance to listen traditional art performance or songs in street style. Artiest will greatly perform your work without any fee for ticket.

Although you don’t care about traffic, you should be careful to your bag or package. Some robber will steal it slightly.

2/ Ha Long Night Market

Located in the center of Ha Long town, Ha Long night market is also worth exploring in your Ha Long bay tour.

Ha Long bay is well known as a valuable pearl of Vietnam with magical sceneries. So many tourist, especially the foreign visit there to enjoy natural beauty of thousands of limestone around islands. Don’t miss Ha Long night market.

It opens every day from 6pm to midnight. In there, almost activities is selling and offering various items of Vietnam.

It is a great place to discover about tradition of the Vietnamese through products such as wooden products, bags and purses, accessories, souvenirs or locally made clothes. In addition, you also should try fresh seafood and local cuisine with the reasonable price.

3/ Hoi An Night Market

Moving to the middle of Vietnam, you can visit Da Nang beach- Hoi An tour.

Sure that Hoi An night market is an indispensable place in Hoi An because it is the most beautiful in nights with light of many colorful lanterns. It attracts almost people from anywhere. You can sell everything from silk lanterns to beaded necklaces which are handmade from the local.

Actually, it is honored as one of the most beautiful night markets in Vietnam. One thing you need to remember bargaining whenever you buy here.

4/ Am Phu Night Market

Located in the middle of Da Lat, it deserves a wonderful place for your visit. It is called with a special name as Am Phu (Hades) Market with many ancient beauty from once upon a time.

It usually opens from 5pm to midnight. The most special thing in this market is food. It seems a food paradise with deliciously famous flavor in Da Lat and cities near. Don’t forget to try banh trang nuong (meaning the grilled rice paper cake) and drink warm fresh soymilk or artichoke tea. It’s perfect combination for your meal. Almost cakes and drinks are homemade from the local, therefore, you are completely reliable about food safety.

5/ Ben Thanh Night Market

If you visit Ho Chi Minh city, you should enjoy lively nightlife and party scene from Ben Thanh night market.

It opens from 6pm until midnight, along the roads just outside Ben Thanh Market. When the market opens, all traffic are close down and make up a few restaurants and souvenir shops.

This market attract the crowded both the local and tourist thanks to various items. You can choose clothing, jewelry and other traditional souvenirs. Furthermore, people are exciting about eating in the street restaurants. Many kinds of food can directly be cooked on stoves or barbeques. It’s tasty for a night meal.

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