When you visit Vietnam, you can feel staggering natural beauties of landscapes and variously traditional culture. In the new era of modernization and integration, Vietnam have widened many dynamic megacities with improvement day by day. Besides it, there are some hill-tribe villages which brings ancient beauties. It is both exotic and compelling.

Coming to these villages, you have a great chance to experience in the local life. Here is top of the most charming villages to discover in Vietnam. It seems effectively recommendations to help you have a meaningful trip in Vietnam.


Located 45 km from the west of Hanoi capital of Vietnam, Duong Lam is treated as a typical northern ancient Vietnamese village. In spite of going through thousands years of history, it still keeps original structure of a Vietnamese village with banyan tree, well, communal house or endless rice fields. Walking around the village then you feel your childhood memories call back.

It deserves a great place to discover about Vietnamese culture, history and the local.

Traveling to this ancient village is extremely convenient because it is lies near Hanoi. You can move by yourself by driving a car or motorbike. If you want to use public transportation, it is available with bus.


Located in the center of Bai Tu Long Bay, Vung Vieng village has a perfect destination in your trip to HaLong bay. It’s more exciting when you can only approach this village by sea.

Hided in the limestone peaks, the village seems safe and peaceful before powerful waves from the marine. Lives of the local are simple. Almost they are fisherman or providing rowing boat services for tourist. You feel reliable and comfortable when chatting with them.


Located in the center of Hoi An, Quang Nam province, Cam Thanh is a eco village with many distinctive yellow wall houses covered around.

Visiting this village, you have a chance to control the pretty basket boat through the canals of the vast coconut forests or ride bicycle to experience the daily life of local people.

Actually, coconut trees have become an indispensable symbol of the village. The local also use coconut leaves to make the roof f for pretty houses.


Located in the middle of the romantic Hue city, the ancient village attract all tourist. The unique houses are made from brick wall, wooden furnishings, and ceiling and 2 roof-titled layers. Even there are a few houses up to hundred-year-age.

The village is famous for Thanh Tra grapefruit. From beauty of grapefruits’ flowers to taste of this fruit, visitor feel exciting and closer to the nature.

If you have planned to Hue, don’t miss Thuy Bieu village in your trip. Sure that your journey become more perfect and meaningful.


Located in the foot of Langbiang Mountain, this ancient village is far from Da Lat city about 16km. It is also called Chicken village because there is a giant chicken statue in the center of the village.

Visiting here, you can explore life of minority peoples with hand weaving of sleeping mats or rice wine brewing. You also buy some handicraft as Vietnamese traditional gift in your trip.

All over lands of Vietnam, from the North to the South, you can be easy to find and discover a few ancient villages. They may be tiny, simple and backward but they bring historical beauty of Vietnamese culture. Don’t doubt taking your luggage to enjoy the most charming villages in Vietnam!

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