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1. Hanoi to Sapa routes & distance

When you come Vietnam, you should choose Sapa to explore about Vietnamese traditional culture and people. Sapa is the one of the most popular destinations. To travel from Hanoi to Sapa, you can get by road or trail. If you choose another route, the distance is different correspondently.

Sapa in harvest season
Sapa in harvest season
  • About 320 km: traveling in Hanoi – Lao Cai highway route. It has started since 2014
  • About 390 km: going along 70 National Road. It is the main road connecting the northwest provinces of Vietnam, used before the highway is into operation.
  • About 340 km: using train from Hanoi – Lao Cai province, then go by car or bus to Sapa.
  • About 455 km: driving motorbike or car under 32 entrance way through Mu Cang Chai.

2. Transportation type from Hanoi to Sapa

The distance from Hanoi to Sapa is far, it consumes about 6 hours by road whereas 9 hours by train. Further, if you choose to travel to Sapa by road, there are other options such as: using bus, limousine, private car or taxi even motorbike. Up to each vehicle, it brings both negatives and positives.

More and more improved tourist service, you have many ways to travel. If you a trekker, you prefer to driving motor yourself. While you keep safer and more relaxing, you choose train as the best choice. You are called a funny nickname like overnight train, sleeper train and sleeping train. However almost people use bus or car to save time.

To meet tourist demands, there are many type of buses, including in: sleeper bus, overnight bus, limousine car, private cabin bus

Because how to get from Hanoi to Sapa is the most prior problem to your trip, we have recommendations to help you more detail information about travel from Hanoi to Sapa.

Choose carefully to have the best route for your journey. Following the tips and tricks

2.1 Hanoi to Sapa by bus

Bus is the most choice to get from Hanoi to Sapa. It is the cheap option to save expense and cost. Actually there are 38 berths so it’s comfortable and clean, even it can fit for a big guy. So you completely have a nice sleep in the route to Sapa. Moreover, we have always accompanied with a guide in the bus, you can ask anything in distance to get from Hanoi to Sapa

Hanoi Sapa bus
Hanoi Sapa bus

Bus routes

As referred above, there are some ways to travel from Hanoi to Sapa. Going by highway is best option to save your time. Usually, the bus takes 5.5 hours or 6 hours in the traffic jam to get from Hanoi to there. We have the bus station to pick up and drop off you at the center of Hanoi (address at old quarter or airport) and Sapa. So you don’t worry about difficulty in getting on/off the bus

Kind of bus and schedule

How to get from Hanoi to Sapa by bus? The fact that, you can choose sleeper bus, overnight bus, private cabin bus and limousine bus car

Depending on each kind of bus, you get other experiences and schedules. However, they have the same two break times. In the first time, you have about 5-10 minutes to go to WC and break. It only stops when your route takes 2 hours. The next time, you can relax longer, about 30 minutes at the stop station. You should have a lunch or dinner. There are some restaurants around it, however the food is not only delicious but also expensive. It is better you prepare snack and drink to eat in the break Traveling a long time from Hanoi to Sapa, you should carefully bring special belongings so that it can perfectly serve your trip. To detail understand about quality service of each bus kind. Let’s follow over summary

How to get from Hanoi to Sapa by sleeper bus and overnight bus

There are two main formats. The most common is kind with three rows of bunk beds running from the front to the end of the bus. The last row is a wide bed for more seats. The second kind has two rows of double size bunk beds or twin beds.

The sleeper and overnight bus are owned by the travel company and almost specially used for


  • Berth is big, enough for a big guy
  • High-class newborn bus
  • On the second floor, you can clearly see view from outside
  • Equipped with air conditioner, bottle of mineral water, travel blanket and tour guide
  • Driver is full of experience to have a safe route
  • The route is faster (only 5-6 hours)
  • The ticket is cheaper than train
  • Available seats with some daily schedule. Estimated 6 departure time a day. So you can choose this bus which is suitable for your plan


  • More dangerous than train route, especially the departure in night
  • You don’t accept to bring snacks or drink so that you can make it dirty and noisy
  • There are no WC room so you have to wait to the stop station
  • The area for each ticket is only enough, not completely comfortable

You can book the sleeping bus online here

Hanoi to Sapa limousine bus car

Hanoi Sapa Limousine car
Hanoi Sapa Limousine car

Another good choice to get Sapa is using limousine bus car. It is also called VIP bus car. This limousine is a direct car to travel from Hanoi to Sapa. It has a head office to return from Sapa to Hanoi. With limousine, it can take you to the destination in the most comfortable way

There are 2 main types: Sapa limousine van with enough 9 seats and 18 seats

The main reason it considers as VIP- high class car is improving negatives of the sleeper bus and overnight bus


  • It can pick up and drop off you at hotel. So you don’t lost time to go the waiting station
  • Departure time is flexible everyday
  • Running faster and more smooth
  • The berth is more comfortable and bigger. It suits for a big guy
  • Equipped with air conditioner, bottle of mineral water, travel blanket, USB charger and and LCD TV. Don’t worry to use smart phone in the car
  • Internet wireless is free for you
  • A good option for a small group. You have more air space
  • Experienced driver to arrange a safe route


  • More dangerous than train route, especially the departure in night
  • There are no WC room in the bus car in the urgent cases
  • There is no tour guide to ask necessary information
  • Little inconvenient to others if you make louder or noisy
  • No individual space for couple
  • The fare is higher than bus

Booking Limousine ticket

Hanoi to Sapa private cabin bus

If you want to have more space, it is the best choice. Each guest is in each cabin. Also twin cabin for couple. Let it imagine as if you are living in your room. It’s so prefect for individual hobby

Private cabin bus
Private cabin bus


  • Equipped with air conditioner, bottle of mineral water, travel blanket, USB charger, LCD TV with headphone
  • There is a WC room on the car
  • More relaxing in your cabin without caring other guests
  • Internet wireless is free for you
  • The berth is the most comfortable. As the familiar to your bed
  • Running faster and more smooth, even the road is rough or rugged


  • Ticket fee is the most expensive
  • There is no tour guide to ask necessary information
  • If you scare about living alone or small space, this service is not good choice

2.2 Hanoi to Sapa by train

Travelling from Hanoi to Sapa by train is a unique experience for you. You take about 6-8 hours to transfer from Hanoi to Lao Cai railway station then you go to Sapa by car or bus. All the transportation services can be clearly seen when you go out the station building.

Hanoi Sapa by train
Hanoi Sapa by train

Because the route is very long, you can take a rest and have a nice noon/ night on the train. From your hotel at Hanoi, you can go to the Hanoi train station at no 120, Le Duan stress. Then take your time and your money to travel to Sapa


  • More relax space so you feel comfortable and fresh to start a journey at Sapa in the early morning
  • Very safe because only train has unique road
  • It has WC room if you want to use it
  • Enough travel blanket and pillow
  • Internet wireless is free for you
  • Equipped with air conditioner, USB charger, LCD TV
  • Available space to cover your luggage
  • You can bring snack or drink to go to the train. Further there is a small shop to supply food and dishes for you. It is convenient


  • Limitation about time and seat. You have to reserve the space before your trip
  • There is no train from airport. So you have to take a taxi to Hanoi train station
  • The route is longest
  • When you come to Lao Cai railway station, you have to take a car or bus to travel to Sapa
  • Almost the departure time is night

Top 5 best train for you

How to get from Hanoi to Sapa by train? Although train route has a little of negatives, they always try to improve their service. We can recommend you some high quality trains as below

1st King express

King express train design with 26 berths, including both deluxe and VIP cabins. It equipped with new furniture such as wooden- paneled, air conditioner, bottle of mineral water, individual reading light and baggage storage

In a deluxe cabin, there are 4 berths while only 2 berths for VIP cabin. You can enjoy individual doing as your home. It’s very

If you go with a group. It’s perfect to book a deluxe cabin. You can talk and watch TV together during the trip without making noisy others

2nd Violet express

As their name, the main color of this train is violet with blanket and pillow. It seems romantic for couple to Sapa

There are total 14 cabins with 2 berths or 4 berths in each cabin. This is a new brand so all furniture is new and modern, even WC room. You can feel the familiar air as at your home

3rd Sapaly express

This train is decorated with high quality berth. It is outstanding strength. All berths are soft and big. You also use blanket and pillow on the train

There are total 13 cabins with 4 berths in each cabin. Besides it, it has a large room to put your luggage. The restroom is modern and clean. If you want, you can use it to take a shower. Because of these features, it is the best choice for you to take a rest

4th ET-Pumpkin Sapa

This is a new brand for travel from Hanoi to Sapa by train. It is designed in Halloween Festival therefore it makes deeply impressive to people especially customers are curious

The furniture is very nice and luxurious with colorful decoration. It has 2 kinds: a 2 berth cabin and a 4 berth cabin. Suitable for other requirements

5th Victoria Express

As the called name, it ranks the top good train at Hanoi. It is decorated with luxurious furniture making your feeling as stay at 5-stars hotel

Besides the same equipment as other brands such as individual reading light, baggage storage, air conditioner, wooden-paneled, blanket, pillow or rest room, it has a large window so that you feel the fresh air. Very necessary for the carsick

It also includes 2 types: 2 berths and 4 berths in a cabin. In each cabin, there is a toilet so you don’t need to go out cabin

A special feature of Victoria Express, you can be served a free breakfast or tea break. There is a small dinner table between 2 berths. It looks like as a luxurious restaurant

Book you train ticket here

2.4 Hanoi to Sapa by private car, taxi

How to get from Hanoi to Sapa by private car or taxi is a good choice if you want to control travel as your requirement For extreme private transportation to travel from Hanoi to Sapa such as a private car, a van or a minivan or taxi. There are many choices for you with 4 seats, 7 seats, 16 seats or even 30 seats. Depending on your request, you can book firstly to own a luxuriously private car

Hanoi Sapa by private car
Hanoi Sapa by private car


  • It can pick up and drop off you at any place you propose
  • It can save times. Further, you can ask driver to follow any routes/ destination you want
  • It is more convenient to travel any places at Sapa
  • Equipped with an experienced driver, can help you any problem you wonder
  • You can choose a new- modern car with other brands
  • You have extreme private space. Very comfortable during your trip


  • There is no rest room in the private car
  • The fare is the highest.
  • It is not safer than train

3. Key information to get to Sapa from Hanoi

Traveling from Hanoi to Sapa is a small journey in a big trip at Sapa. So you carefully check information before deciding means of the most suitable transportation. There are some factors to help you to find out the best way

Firstly, collecting enough members in the group

It’s the main reason. You have to control total members to book space. You also should ask other opinions about special requirements such as rest room, breakfast, berth

Secondly, caring about your health

Some people have problems with carsickness. It can affect to the next journey at Sapa. So you should consider about your health

Thirdly, ticket fare

Each transportation has another level of price. Is it suitable for your budget or not? Exactly calculating about total cost and expense

The last, brand name of transportation

Famous brand makes you reliable and comfortable during travel. There are some notorious brands which making unsafe and accident.

We recommend you should choose believable brands. Sure that their service is better and improved

4. What to avoid and not to do in Sapa

After finding the way to get to Sapa, you also should check some tips and tricks about new countryside, new culture and new food so that you can take advantage of all times at there

Make reference about review at Sapa before your trip

Hope that you can have a memorial trip at Sapa- one of the most beautiful place at Vietnam

Sapa - Vietnam
Sapa – Vietnam
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