Top 5 best train from Hanoi to Sapa

Hanoi to Sapa train schedule and price

All the train to go between from Hanoi and Sapa departure from night time and arrival the morning of next day. So tourist people are call that Overnight train, Sleeper train, Sleeping train. Because to transfer between Hanoi and Sapa it take about 6~8 hours, so that time make traveller more relax and ready for the next day explode Vietnam.

Overnight train from Hanoi to Sapa negatives and positives

This is short one i wanna write that you can choose Limousine Dcar or bus if you depart from Hanoi Airport because no train to start direct from Hanoi airport, you have to take a taxi to Hanoi train station that take time and your money.

There are some negatives and positives to notice.


  • Most relax space and safety for traveller
  • Enjoy reading book or sleep during the trip
  • WC ready in the train if you wanna use it.


  • No train depart from Hanoi airport
  • They start from night time so nothing to see over window.
  • You have to take a bus or taxi to transfer from Lao Cai train station to Sapa, it take about 30 km

If you consider to go from Hanoi airport click here to read about transportation between Hanoi airport and Sapa

If you go from Hanoi old quarter, you can choice budget option is sleeping bus, limousine Dcar for more comfortable or private car for extreme private space and stop to take a picture wherever you want.

Top 5 best train

Each of train have two kinds of cabin. Cabin have 2 berths and cabin have 4 berths, they may have 2 berths cabin plus that mean extra for VIP customer.

1. King Express

King Express train have 26 berths with deluxe and VIP cabins, accompanied by the hospitality of train staff. All berths are wooden- paneled, air conditioned with individual reading light, baggage storage. Commuters are served with a drink upon the arrival to Lao Cai – Sapa or Hanoi.

King Express train 4-berths cabin

Deluxe cabins provide a cozy with four berths, relax to read or enjoy an intimate conversation. Vip cabins are more space with two berths. These cabin have beauty of traveling style.

King Express train 2-berths cabin

2. Violet Express

Violet have total 14 cabin, their brand color is violet as you will see in the cabin berths.

Violet Express 4-berths cabin
Violet Express 2-berths cabin

3. Sapaly Express

Sapaly Express Train by Sapaly company operate, this train have fully decorated carriages with high standard soft sleep berth. They have total 13 of cabin.

Sapaly Express train 4-berths cabin
Sapaly Express restroom

4. ET-Pumpkin Sapa

ET-Pumpkin come back with nice decoration and brand-new design inspiring by the Halloween Festival, Et-Pumpkin will impress all customers as one of the best train in Hanoi – Sapa route.

ET-Pumpkin Sapa 4-berths cabin
ET-Pumpkin Sapa 2-berths cabin

5. Victoria Express

Victoria Express train is high-class train that convenient and the top luxury train of Hanoi – Lao Cai route. The train have two types of cabin are 4-berths cabin and 2-berths cabin, each of them have individual reading light, baggage storage, air condition system, wooden-paneled, toilet and over-sized windows.

Victoria Express train breakfast

This is the best luxury 5 star train for VIP customer.

Cabin berths

Victoria Express Train passengers have exclusive access to the Victoria Lounge to check-in. This private lounge features have free WiFi, snacks and light refreshments.

Open time: 08:00-09:30 daily but Saturday
Location: Floor 2, Hanoi Railway Station, 120 Le Duan, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Hotline: 0913-360-030, 0987-631-300

Victoria Lounge

Hanoi Sapa train ticket price and booking

Train 4-berths cabin (price per one berths)2-berths cabin (price per one berths)Online booking
King express$27$55Select
ET-Pumpkin Sapa$28$59Select
Sapaly Express$34$74Select
Violette Sapa$34$67Select
Victoria Express$77$129Select

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