Hanoi to Halong Bay transportation information

1. Hanoi to Halong routes & distance

Halong Bay is located in the northern Vietnam which is a must-see destination on your Vietnam travel. Ha Long Bay has been recognized by UNESCO many times as a natural heritage of the world

Hanoi to Halong Bay routes

So how to get from Hanoi to Halong bay is the big question you should carefully check so that you can reach a wonderful trip. Up to each route, distance from Hanoi to Halong bay is different, estimated about 160 km to 180 km with 1.5 hours to 4 hours respectively

2. Transportation type from Hanoi to Halong bay

Halong bay is attracting tourist complex so the Government try to invest transportation infrastructure. There are many transportation type from Hanoi to Halong bay such as by road, by train, by sea or by air

By road from Hanoi to Halong bay has other options as the followings:

  • Hanoi – Bac Ninh – Halong: about 155 km in 3 hours. Before Hanoi- Hai Phong expressway, this way is considered as the shortest road to travel to Halong
  • Hanoi- Hai Duong- Halong: about 170 km in 4 hours
  • Hanoi- Hai Duong- Haiphong- Halong: about 160 km. Nowadays people prefer to going via Hanoi- Haiphong expressway to save time. It only takes 1.5 hours whereas you choose the old road, you have to spend more 3 hours

Besides it, you can travel by train from Hanoi to Hai Phong, then using ferry to go Cat Ba island. Also having a direct train from Hanoi to Ha Long. By sailing a boat from Hai Phong to Cat Ba island is a new experience. In brief, there are other transportation from Hanoi to Halong bay to able to meet tourist demands. You should carefully read your demand and transportation facilities correspondingly so that you can find the best way for your trip

Each means of transportation has both pros and cons which makes you confusing. The following recommendations can help you to choose the right kind of transportation for your travel to Halong bay. Don’t skip it. Without a doubt, it can be useful for your reference before the trip

2.1 Hanoi to Halong bay by bus

Bus route

Bus is the most popular choice to get from Hanoi to Halong bay. It is the cheap option to save expense and cost. Further the route is direct along Hanoi- Hai Duong- Hai Phong- Bai Chay (Halong bay). It only takes 2 hours to 5 hours, up to the expressway or the old road

We have the bus station to pick up and drop off you at the center of Hanoi (address at old quarter or airport) and Bai Chay town. So you don’t worry about difficulty in getting on/off the bus

Kind of bus and schedule

How to get from Hanoi to Halong bay by bus? The fact that, there are main means of bus transportation like: local bus and tourist bus (called as Rosa Eco bus)

Depending on each quality service of bus, you get other experiences and schedules. However, they have the same a break time about 10 minutes for using the rest room or relaxing with a tea break. It’s better to bring snacks or drink before getting on the bus. There are some restaurants around the rest station however the food is not only delicious but also expensive.

Hanoi to Halong bay by local bus

How to get from Hanoi to Halong bay by local bus

Local bus is considered as one of the most popular means of transport around the world. It is also a good way to get a closer look at how local Vietnamese people travel from Hanoi to Halong bay. You can enjoy full of landscape views along this way


  • Ticket price is the cheapest. Suitable for eager backpacker
  • You can be closer than local people during the trip to Halong bay
  • Don’t restroom in your car


  • The drive can’t speak English to help you in urgent case
  • You have to go the official bus station to buy ticket and move. This bus doesn’t pick up you at another address expect its station. Making it a less convenient option
  • On holiday, it’s crowded more people than having available seat. So it can lead to a tiring day

Hanoi to Halong bay by tourist bus

Detail information about Rosa eco bus

There is a tourist bus which almost travels for customers and foreign tourists. It is also called Rosa eco bus because it owned by Rosa eco company. One of the first travel company in Hanoi

Hanoi Halong Rosa Limosine
Hanoi Halong Rosa Limosine

It has designed with new facilities so you feel comfortable and convenient during the trip. It has 36 seats or 45 seats. Additionally, it doesn’t stop along the way to pick up further passengers. You have a short break about 30 minutes through the journey to take a rest and use the restroom if necessary.

Where to catch the Rosa eco bus from Hanoi to Halong bay?

As mentioned above, this bus mainly serves the foreign, therefore, it can pick up at the Old Quarter or Noi Bai airport. Depending on your requests Please prepare and get ready at pick-up address 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure time


  • Berth is big, enough for a big guy
  • High-class newborn bus
  • Equipped with air conditioner, bottle of mineral water, travel blanket and tour guide
  • High speed Wifi and charger. You feel not boring during the travel
  • Driver is full of experience to have a safe route. He can speak English to communicate with you to resolve basic travel problems
  • The ticket is reasonable so it is suitable for many people
  • Available seats with some daily schedule. Estimated 4 departure times daily. So you can choose this bus which is comfortable for your plan


  • There are no WC room so you have to wait to the stop station
  • The area for each ticket is only enough, not completely comfortable and individual space if you go with partner
  • The ticket price is higher than the ticket of local bus


2.2 Hanoi to Halong bay by train

Using train is a safe way for each travel. But until now there is no direct way from Hanoi to Halong bay. So, train is not a good mean of transportation for this trip

2.3 Hanoi to Halong bay by limousine

The fact that limousine is a special bus. It is called as a small tourist bus with business class car. Inside designs are very new and luxurious so let you feel good during the trip

Hanoi Halong Bay luxury limousine
Hanoi Halong Bay luxury limousine

Also local and tourist bus, the ticket price is different between one way and round way. The route decides to consuming time for your trip. So carefully think before making final decision. We always have other options for your respective budget

There are 2 main types: limousine van with enough 9 seats and 18 seats. If you go with a group, limousine is the great choice because of some outstanding features as below


  • Modern equipment as soft berth, inside furniture
  • Departure time is flexible everyday
  • It can pick up you at hotel or airport
  • Designed with air conditioner, bottle of mineral water, travel blanket and tour guide
  • High-speed Wifi and recharger USB port
  • Also have charger, internet wireless and LCD TV
  • Experienced driver to arrange a safe route
  • E-ticket via website which is convenient and saving times for you


  • There is no rest room in the care
  • Little inconvenient to others if you make louder or noisy
  • The fare is higher than local bus or tourist bus


2.4 Hanoi to Halong bay by private car, taxi

How to get from Hanoi to Halong bay by private car or taxi is a good choice if you want to control travel as your requirement

Hanoi Halong bay private car
Hanoi Halong bay private car

For extreme private transportation to travel from Hanoi to Halong bay such as a private car, a van or a minivan or taxi. In addition, you can choose a brand car you want, the price is also different. We provide enough your demand with luxury car or normal private car.

There are many choices for you with 4 seats, 7 seats, 16 seats or even 30 seats. But you have a special driver, you can go anywhere you like


  • It can pick up and drop off you at any place you propose
  • It can save times. Further, you can ask driver to follow any routes/ destination you want
  • It is more convenient to travel any places at Halong bay
  • Equipped with an experienced driver, can help you any problem you wonder
  • You can choose a new- modern car with other brands as your request
  • You have extreme private space. Very comfortable during your trip


  • There is no rest room in the private car
  • The fare is the highest.
  • A little trouble to communicate with driver. He can’t speak English well


2.5 Hanoi to Halong bay by airplane

As far as we know, air transport is accessible to tourist, especially foreign tourist who try to save times for their holiday. But it is pity that there are no direct commercial flights between Hanoi and Halong

Hope that in the near future, the Government will invest infrastructure development about international Airport at Halong

3. Key information to get to Halong bay from Hanoi

Each means of transportation has its own positives and negatives. So with the different transportation options makes you confusing. Because traveling from Hanoi to Halong bay is a small journey in a big trip at Halong bay, you carefully check information before deciding about booking

There is the following key information to get you to find out the great trip at Halong bay

Firstly, collecting enough members in the group

It’s the main reason because who you go with play a vital role to decide which vehicle to choose. You also should ask other opinions about special requirements such as rest room, breakfast, berth

Besides it, the capacity of group also has an effect on how you travel. The smaller the group is, the easier it is to find vehicle form Hanoi to Halong bay

If your group only have 2-3 members, it has more flexibility to choose transportation such as tourist bus or limousine or private car with 4 seats. However, bigger group is 10 or more people, it doesn’t fit in a taxi or a 9- seater minivan

Secondly, how is your budget

For many people, money is one of the most important things to consider and decide about this trip. Each transportation, each hotel or food has other price rate.

So calculating your budget plan is completely reasonable and logic

Thirdly, which season is the most beautiful at Halong bay

Of course, the season and weather are key information you should care in what kind of transportation you choose

The weather in each season is rightly different, however, you can enjoy all four seasons. You can read more about the best time to travel from Hanoi to Halong bay to find out the best schedule

The fourthly, caring about your health before the trip

Health problem is very important and necessary to decide whether this trip is great or not. You prepare for your spirit, physical body and spare medicine. Sure that your timeline in the trip is different from daily activities.

Moreover, traveling from Hanoi to Halong bay plays a role to affect to your health. If you are carsick, you should choose this transport with higher service

The last, brand name of transportation

Famous brand makes you reliable and comfortable during travel. There are some notorious brands which making unsafe and accident. We recommend you should choose believable brands. Sure that their service is better and improved

4. What to avoid and not to do in Halong bay

After finding the way to get to Halong bay, you also should check some tips and tricks about new countryside, new culture and new food so that you can take advantage of all times at there Reading some articles or review before your trip to know What to avoid and not to do in Halong bay

There are many factors to contribute to the successful trip and mean of transport is one of them. So carefully think about your choice and no matter what you choose, you deserve to have a great trip at Halong bay

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