Best transportation to go from Hanoi airport to Sapa

On your trip to Vietnam, tourist people not always want come to Hanoi Old Quarter for firsts. Some people choice to come to Sapa before back to the centre and then go to other place like Halong or Cat Ba. Or some people choice Sapa is the end of the destination of the trip in Vietnam.

So instead of go to Hanoi Old Quarter by taxi and then take a bus or other transportation to Sapa, you can take a bus or private car go direct to Sapa, it more convenient and help save time and money.

How to go from Hanoi airport to Sapa

Hanoi airport (Noi Bai Airport) locale in the North of Hanoi Old Quarter and have distance far about 25 km. The road from Red river was updated to high way road so it move fast from Red river border, but from Red river border to Hanoi Old Quarter you have to move slow down depend on the traffic situation.

Hanoi airport (Noi Bai Airport) and Hanoi Old Quarter distance

So instead of move to Hanoi Old Quarter for 1 night or just take the bus, car, taxi to go to Sapa. Tourist people can have other option to go directly. It save a lot of time because we only move on high way to go to Sapa, Lao Cai.

Hanoi airport (Noi Bai airport) to Sapa

Transportation to go between Sapa and Hanoi airport

We have three kind of transportation to go to Sapa from Hanoi airport. It is sleeping bus, Dcar Limousine or private car (taxi). Each of kind them have the negative and positive, you have to choice the best option fit to your need.

Hanoi airport to Sapa by sleeping bus

For sleeping bus pick-up from Hanoi airport to Sapa it cost about $13 per person. The bus schedule you can check on the table bellow:

Bus wayDepartureArrivalPickup point
Airport – Sapa07:30




At the airport
Sapa – Airport08:00






Bus office in Sapa town

The positive:

  • Cheap price, budget choice for most people.
  • English speaker tour guide, they can help a lot if you have any question.

The negative:

  • Have to wait if you flight time is not near the pick-up time of the bus
  • Be careful with the flight drop-off time. If they delay the time, the bus can’t wait you. They also not refund for that situation. If your flight is local flight in Vietnam, the smart choice is Vietnam airline because this company no delay but if other company they can delay a lot so you can lose your bus tickets.

Book your Hanoi Airport to Sapa sleep bus ticket online here today, let life more easy.

Hanoi airport to Sapa by Limousine

The Limousine Dcar go to Sapa from Hanoi airport cost about $22 per person. It is high-class business car so you will have more comfortable space to relax. The car have only 9 seats and soft-relax seats.

The car schedule time:

Limousine vanDepartureArrivalPickup point
Airport – Sapa08:00


At the airport
Sapa – Airport07:30


Your hotel in Sapa town

The positive:

  • 9 seats car, have more space for you to relax, or if you go by group only from 5 to 9 people it is perfect choice for you to travel with your family in one car
  • Drop-off, pick-up at your hotel, it is small car so they allow to go to the centre, if a bus, they have to stop at the bus station.

The negative:

  • They are not wait for you if you have delay flight.

Book your Hanoi Airport to Sapa limousine ticket online here today, let life more easy.

Hanoi airport to Sapa by Private car or Taxi

You can also hire a Limousine Dcar, a taxi, private 4 seats car private 7 seats car. It is best option if you want they wait you at the airport and you can send the requirement for the driver. Tourist people also ask the driver if they want to stop to take a break at any time.

The positive:

  • Private car wait and stop to take break at any time you want.
  • Relax with your friend and family
  • Continue hire them to go other place easily

The negative:

  • High price

Book your Hanoi Airport to Sapa private car online here today, let life more easy.

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