Hanoi airport to Halong bay, which is the best transfer option?

1. Hanoi airport

Hanoi international airport is the biggest airport in the northern Vietnam. It is also called as Noibai airport. It serves Hanoi and other cities in the north. Distance from Noibai airport to the city center is 45 kilometers with about 30 minutes.

Halong Bay from above
Halong Bay from above

2. Hanoi airport Halong Bay routes & distance

From Noibai airport, you can directly travel to Halong bay by other means of transportation. Because Halong bay is one of the most attractive place at Vietnam, there are many ways to serve tourist, especially foreign customers.

Can list outstanding vehicles such as: motorbike, airplane, train, bus, private car. Depending on your transportation, you have routes from Hanoi to Halong bay, estimated about 154 km and usually 2.5 hours to 4 hours respectively

Hanoi Airport to Halong Bay routes

The first route, travel by train from Hanoi airport to Halong bay

There is no direct way from Hanoi to Halong bay. You have to go from Hanoi train station to Haiphong station then take a car to Halong bay. It can take total 8 hours with 2 transitions

The second route, travel by airplane from Hanoi airport to Halong bay

There are no direct commercial flights between Hanoi and Halong. You have to flight from Hanoi airport to Vandon airport in Quangninh then move by car to Halong bay. Distance between Vandon and Halong is 45 km. It can take total 6 hours with 2 transitions

The third route, travel by road from Hanoi airport to Halong bay

The fact that there are two main roads from Hanoi airport to Halong bay: one way and expressway. We propose two options with different time, you can consider to choose one of ways because the ticket fee in expressway is higher than one way

Travelling by bus (tourist bus or luxury bus) is about 4 hours in one way and 2.5 hours in expressway while travelling by private car only takes 3 hours and 2 hours in one way and expressway correspondingly

      As far as we know, traveling from Hanoi to Halong bay is a small journey in a big trip at Halong bay which makes deeply impressive adventure. In addition, money is one of the most important things to consider and decide about this trip. Besides it, the capacity of group also has an effect on how you travel.

     Whereas each means of transportation has its own positives and negatives, one of them makes you confusing whether which is the best transfer option from Hanoi airport to Halong bay?

     We offer you the best route of transfer: moving by private car or limousine (9 seats). Hope that clearly showing both cons and pros can help you to find out the final decision for your trip to Halong bay

3. Hanoi Airport to Halong Bay by private car, limousine

Detail information about private car and limousine

Hanoi Halong Bay luxury limousine
Hanoi Halong Bay luxury limousine

Using private car or limousine means that you will book a car for yourself or your group without sharing space with other foreign customers. There are many brands of car for your option like: famous brand, local brand or internationally normal brand. Up to each kind of car, we have quoted other prices

As far as we concern, how to get from Hanoi to Halong bay by private car or taxi is the best choice if you want to control travel as your requirement. If you order more requests, you can ask about number of seats, brand car, departure date, even taxi driver (speaking English or not)

There are many options for you with 4 seats, 7 seats, 16 seats or even 30 seats. When you have a special driver, you can ask to go anywhere you like. It is very convenient in Halong bay when you move from hotel to famous tourist complex, you don’t waste money for taking a taxi. A private car is accompanied from picking up at hotel until dropping off you at destination


  • It can pick up and drop off you at any place and any time you ask
  • It can save times. Further, you can ask driver to follow any routes/ destination you want
  • It is more convenient to travel any places at Halong bay
  • Equipped with an experienced driver, can help you any problem you wonder
  • High-speed Wifi and recharger USB port
  • Also have charger, internet wireless and LCD TV
  • Designed with air conditioner, bottle of mineral water, travel blanket and soft seat
  • You can choose a new- modern car with other brands as your request
  • You have extreme private space. Very comfortable during your trip


  • There is no rest room in the private car
  • The fare is the highest.

Compared with the tourist bus

The same route from Hanoi airport to Halong bay, why the bus is the not best vehicle. Following our detailed analysis

The first, private car is more saving-time than tourist bus

In some cases, time of landing and departure time of tourist bus is different. You have to wait until exact departure time because they have already fixed it daily. Whereas with private car, you can book the pick-up time is after time of landing. You don’t wait a long time at Hanoi airport. It is the first discrepancy

Moreover, tourist bus usually has some pick-up destination both airport and old quarter. They prolong your schedule at city center. With private car, driver starts your journey immediately

The second, private car is more comfortable than tourist bus

If capacity of tourist bus has own 36 to 45 seats, so many people have the same trip like you. You can make louder or have individual space with partner. In addition, using snack and drink in tea break is not allowed, it can affect the other

With private car, everything is changed completely. Car is your own so you can do anything if you like. Your group can watch a humorous film in a big LCD as sitting in cinema. It makes your trip more interesting

You also ask driver to stop anywhere you want for breaking time or using toilet. He feels comfortable about this request. While tourist bus, you can’t do it. It has a fix route so driver has to follow it without accepting any appeal, expect urgent cases

The third, private car can make your health better and your trip greater

Travelling by private car, sure that you feel not tiring or carsick as tourist bus. In private car, your seat is soft and luxurious as your own car. The driver can drive the speed as your request so that it makes you the most comfortable

Problem about health plays an important role to enjoy other challenges at Halong bay. So you should get ready full of energy for your trip with traveling by private car or limousine


More times to emphasize that transport from Hanoi airport to Halong bay is very necessary to take care of it. If your group only have 2-3 members, it has more flexibility to choose private car for travel.

There are many factors to contribute to the wonderful trip and mean of transport is one of them. How about you? What is the best transfer for travel from Hanoi airport to Halong bay?

Let it carefully think about your choice then you will get a great trip at Halong bay

Checkout the list of transportation to Halong Bay bellow:

View detail
Hanoi Halong Bay luxury limousine
Hanoi Halong Bay luxury limousine
747 Booked
  • Hanoi departure: 07:30; 11:00; 15:00; 17:00
  • Halong departure: 06:00; 09:30; 12:00; 15:40; 17:00
From $16
View detail
Hanoi Halong Luxury Car
314 Booked
  • Hanoi departure: 05:30; 06:30; 08:30; 09:30; 14:00; 15:00; 16:30; 17:30
  • Halong departure:04:00; 05:00; 09:30; 10:30; 12:00; 13:00; 17:30; 18:30
From $18
View detail
Hanoi Halong bay private car
Hanoi Halong bay private car
294 Booked
  • 2.5 hours transfer via Express way
  • Pickup and drop off at your request
From $72
View detail
Hanoi Halong bay private car 4 seats
Hanoi airport to Halong Bay private car
248 Booked
  • Private car
  • 4-seats:  from 70 USD
From $24
View detail
Sapa Halong Bay bus
Sapa Halong Bay bus
198 Booked
  • Sapa departure: 8:00; 11:00; 16:00; 18:00
  • Halong Bay departure: 6:45; 11:00; 15:00; 21:00


From $22
View detail
Hanoi Halong Rosa Limosine
Hanoi Halong Rosa Eco Bus
182 Booked
  • Hanoi departure: 07:30
  • Halong Bay departure: 11:30
From $26
View detail
Hanoi Halong bay private car 7 seats
Halong – Hai Phong (Cat Bi) airport
88 Booked
  • Hotel pickup and drop off
  • Best price and quality guaranteed
From $44
View detail
Hanoi Halong bay private car 7 seats
Halong – Hai Phong (Van Don) airport
82 Booked
  • Hotel pickup and drop off
  • Best price and quality guaranteed
From $44
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